North Korea’s Mobile Phones and Internet Are Down

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North Korea’s internet is down once again and this time it might be a little worse because it includes the country’s mobile network as well.

North Korea has around 25 million people in the country and about 1.2 million have cell phones. This outage will affect those people. The internet outage will not affect as many people since there are just hand fulls of residents that actually have internet service in the North Korea.

North Korea is believed to think that the United States is behind the outages. Unnammed officials from North Korea have pointed harsh words at President Obama and even said “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a trpical forest.”

The United States’ FBI has also pointed the finger at North Korea over the recent hack of Sony Entertainment. The internet and cell phone outage is apparently still active. We will report the latest news on this when it’s available.

image: Photo Credit is from NBC News.